Traffic Control

In order to maximize efficiency, the Rook Platoon has implemented a set of policies for where fleet carriers can park. Please follow these policies to maximize the efficiency of bread baking and keep traffic flowing smoothly in Apotanites.

Regarding Apotanites 1 E

We ask that if you plan to park around planet Apotanites 1 E, that you dedicate your fleet carrier to uses related to Bread Baking. If you consider yourself a mobile base, you may need to move depending on demand.

If you are a transport of some sort (ex: apart of an expedition, bringing commanders into Apotanites, etc.), then we ask that you try and park elsewhere, or move from the orbit of planet 1 E once your commanders have disembarked your fleet carrier.

Parking elsewhere in Apotanites

Parking around Apotanites 1 is also very common. If you are not dedicating your fleet carrier to Bread Baking, we suggest orbiting Apotanites 1 or any other nearby planet.

Right of way to Bread Baking Carriers

Bread Baking Carriers will be given priority in the event of conflicts while parking.
In the event of a parking conflict, fleet carriers that are not is use at that moment will be asked to move elsewhere.
If asked to move your carrier, we ask that you please move it as soon as possible.

Parking permits

To monitor traffic within Apotanites, we have created a traffic monitoring system.
We ask that before arriving and departing Apotanites, you fill out a parking permit so we can monitor the traffic within the system.

Thank you for your cooperation

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but the glory of the platoon always comes first.
Fly safe, and happy bread baking!