Squadron Roster

Last Updated: March 14, 2021

NOTE: Rank & member data has been taken from the Rook Platoon's Discord server, and all member information has been checked using the Inara roster. If you see an error in the information here, please talk to CMDR Sirius T. Dog (siriusthedog#9892).

Commander Rank
Niccoll Dyson Noob King
Sirius T. Dog Rook Council
Rex Ardem Rook Council
Uajrh1 Rook Council & Founder
CMDR Papa_Timbs Rook Council
TheRealSmokeyBear (a.k.a Smokey) Rook Council
TigerMachine Rook Council
Witagfrey Rook Council
----Whirlwind---- Bishop
AsForce1 Bishop
Brettius Maximus Bishop
Eritenn Bishop
Ethanous Bishop
Hairy0tter Bishop
Kozova1 Bishop
Axistential Knight
Burrito_Riot Knight
CH0AS Knight
Chase4306 Knight
Devildog0811 Knight
Dextro11 Knight
DiForge Knight
Doge Bean 1 Knight
Dorukkasikci Knight
Furryhunters Knight
G6584 Knight
CMDR Kola Knight
L4wrence Knight
Mememan700 Knight
Neekotine Knight
PsychoticMM Knight
Saint Connor Knight
Slycooper1415 Knight
Sol 3 Knight
ThatGrudy Knight
Zarzak Knight
RogerWilco77 Knight
CMDR Abhinanda Qvarfordt Rook
BorisBorg Rook
8ballll Rook
Enzo Pastrana Rook
AdroitCobra Rook
AegisDragon Rook
Alkemi Rook
Alphageegee Rook
Astromos Rook
BiiZA Rook
Blythes Duffy Rook
CMDR Brian Jr Rook
Brine tb Rook
C0BR4K1NG Rook
Caesous Rook
Cascdo Rook
CMDR Charlie-5-5-5 Rook
Coolman227 Rook
CoriolisEffect Rook
Creth Fox Rook
Crevasco Rook
D3f4u1t Rook
DatBoyStick Rook
Deranged Donkey Rook
Deungo Rook
DiZkoda Rook
Dr. Magnus Rook
Depictomato Rook
Ender B. Rook
Enzoventer Rook
Erwin Rommel#203 Rook
Evergreen1 Rook
Excavus Rook
FLG Dreaded Rook
FullHouseGambit Rook
Fxrtune Rook
Gvb642 Rook
Happy Rook
Hassman Rook
Hetri Rook
Hniena Rook
Hugh neutron Rook
Infinium_Knight Rook
Ionic84 Rook
Isthlinea Rook
ItsMeFlamable Rook
Jack-K-nife Rook
JasonRex Rook
Juni_ Rook
Cmdr Kal Brynn Rook
Katyusha9 Rook
Kavin Venkat Rook
Kazsh Rook
LarsZauberer Rook
LewisLEB Rook
LibertyGear Rook
Longman.R.B Rook
LordHazeo Rook
Lucder Rook
Luchaa Rook
M1necraftman1a Rook
Magnusaxx Rook
Matobla25 Rook
MemeMasterNick Rook
Menold Rook
Michael Krieg Rook
MMiel Rook
NemoSB Rook
NobuNoo Rook
NoChillSwag Rook
Nocturnal Pulse Rook
NyanYanSnack Rook
OmarTheCone Rook
OneRiceWonder Rook
Onionbolt Rook
Paddy Tang Rook
Passievrucht Rook
Cmdr Pengu1nz Rook
Playbahnosh Rook
Pyrohectic Rook
Reallytallguy92 Rook
Rock Ripley Rook
CMDR Rocketslime Rook
Rudste Rook
Ruumboo Rook
Cmdr ryanrooster Rook
Scott 2234 Rook
Segaman Djl Rook
Sensualtrucker Rook
Serenashinon Rook
Seryan Rook
Shllaqzaneh Rook
Sir Kobold Rook
Sir Singeon Symthe Rook
SlasherMCT Rook
SmartShaunak251 Rook
Suisai Rook
Commander Superdarkwizard Rook
Tanuki_C-0168 Rook
throwingjimmy08 Rook
Tippers The Merchant Rook
Tomikun Rook
Tommmmmm Rook
Tornadorick Rook
Ttv Shazb0t Rook
Tyler Rook
UltimateNuggler Rook
Vortexia Rook
Vultrix379 Rook
Warhat Rook
X Ash a12 Rook
Archenok Rook
Yeeter981 Rook
ZeroOne01010 Rook
Zkch Rook
MoonlitRose Rook
TooTiredToFly Rook
Axisys Rook
DoctorDeath Rook
Grimryper7 Rook
L Vincent Ellis Rook
wolfkin1243 Rook
BananaBoi420 Rook
Hades_Adith Rook