The Olympus Trade Corporation and the Rook Platoon Become Allies

March 15, 2021 | 10:32p.m UTC

At 10:20p.m UTC on March 15, 2021, CMDR Nessius Blaze of the Olympus Trade Corporation's High Command & diplomat announced that the effectiveness of the trading done by the two squadrons has proven to be "extrememly profitable" and has also pushed the Rook Platoon's faction into the expansion state.
CMDR Blaze explained that the Olympus Trade Corporation (OTC) had "accepted proposals for a trade agreement" and was ready to enter an agreement if the Rook Platoon was.
Shortly after the announcement, Rook Platoon owner CMDR Niccoll Dyson accepted the offer. A ceremony will take place on March 20, 2021, at 9:00p.m UTC near Bessel City & OTC's flagship fleet carrier, the Cerenkov I Stargazer in HR 1475.

CMDR Nessius Blaze's full announcment:

"I am delighted to report that our cooperation has proved to be extremely profitable, with certain commanders earning more than 1 billion credits in two days. The mixed wings of OTC and RP CMDRs proved to be excellent wingmates.
Their work has not gone unnoticed, Rook Platoon was pushed into Expansion state.

Our 5 day cooperation is the result of an encounter at Bessel City, which happened on March 10th, 3307.

Olympus Trade Corporation Command has accepted proposals of a trade agreement and a signatory ceremony, which is planned to take place on March 20th, 2100 Galactic Standard Time.

If Rook Platoon Command accepts this proposal, festivities will be held near Bessel City on board and around the flagship of our trade fleet, the Cerenkov I Stargazer.

Festivities will include copious amounts of gunfire, colored engine trails, a wide variety of ships and the majestic ceremony of signing the trade agreement and friendship declaration.

Both squadrons' members are warmly encouraged and officially invited to participate in the festivities.
Festivities will be documented, screenshots and videos will be taken.

Witness the power of profit and shared trade dividends!

As a thank you note, please also accept this screenshot of a full house at Galois Terminal, which can be marked as the peak of the Galois Run period.

Clear skies, fly safe!

Nessius Blaze
Olympus Trade Corporation
Trade High Command
High Commander
Trade Emissary to Rook Platoon"